@Sea – Ep127 – Gregory Orr

January 26, 2023At Sea, Podcast, Sacred Strides

I don’t remember the exact details surrounding my introduction to Gregory or his work. I do remember that upon my first reading, I was captured. In fact, one of my favorite live performance moments ever was sitting with my friend David dark, who’s also been a guest on this podcast several times, at a reading … Read More

@Sea – Ep126 – Poetry & Control

January 19, 2023At Sea, Podcast, Sacred Strides, Teaching

On most Sundays, I get the privilege of gathering in my house with a group of preteens and reading through bits of the scripture and talking about them. And then praying together, it’s a thing we call the good news Club, which borrows from a tradition we’ve gleaned from. One of my favorite parts of … Read More