I create in order to provide language for the process of faith and life. I want what I create to help you to live generously as well as help you faithfully make good work in the world. For that reason, I really like teaching, storytelling and songwriting, which I’ve done for nearly twenty years.
I am the author of three books. A celebration of relationship entitled “CMYK: The Process of Life Together,” (2012) a look at my creative process, called “Title Pending: Things I Think About When I Make Stuff” (2014) and a reflective prayer guide, entitled “Prayer: 40 Days of Practice” (2016).

I have recorded 15 musical projects since 1999, which serve as a kind of lyrical memoir.

I am also the curator and host of The @Sea Podcast and @Sea Events. The podcast and events put you in touch with great culture makers because I think what they do deepens and enriches our lives. 

Whether I’m teaching, sharing songs and stories, leading a workshop on the creative process or inviting folks to engage in the fight against global poverty, I value every opportunity to encourage, challenge and inspire as a creative.


At Sea is series of thoughtful and interactive events hosted by Justin McRoberts. The series aims to foster a fuller and more inspired engagement with the world by highlighting good, true and beautiful cultural works as well as the artists, thinkers, curators, politicians and culture makers responsible for them.

Visit the site here - http://atseaevents.com/ 

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