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In all honesty, I used to get all bummed out at the ads I ran into as a navigated the deep, dark interwebular waters.  But I see now that my frustration only blinded me to the poetic and at times brilliant insanity of the advertising world.  Below is only a sampling of the ads that are apparently targeted at me according to my age, tastes and eye-color.

sports-tunnelsNow, I’m a sports fan for certain which is why this bit of wisdom/advertising showed up on my facebook page:

and really.. who doesn’t agree? It’s never about coming back from 20 points down in the fourth quarter that inspires fans.. it’s the inflatable tunnel.. every. single. time.

Even now, as I think of my favorite sports team, I can only picture them emerging from an inflatable tunnel.. it is the image burned into my memory.

alpaca is the new baby sealI remember sitting in my office during a particularly chilly winter evening and thinking to myself.. “Self, don’t you just wish you had something soft, luxurious and unique to wear around your neck right now?”

And as we all know, everyone looks good in Alpaca..  EVERYONE.

Need more convicing of this?  Just look deep into my eyes.. and repeat after me “Meka Leka Hi, MekALPACA Ho”

searched for boobs er.. I mean you

This is one of my favorite recurring ads; the “Who Searched For You” ads.  On my page, these ads normally feature some attractive young woman who, I am rather certain, has not searched for me. Something like this:

Yeah.. that guy probably did.

Even though, if anyone is searching your name on the internet, the chances are this guy probably did. Either that or it was your parents who are still wondering why you haven’t friended them yet.

I’ve also been challenged regarding my IQ quite often.  Early on, the ads were rather basic, though apparently not designed by folks who scored very high on the test themselves, as evidenced by this ad FAIL:


I may not be smarter than the average Broncos fan.. then again.. I’m smart enought to know what “average” means.



So, after it was clear that I would not be lured in by the crazy math of the IQ testers, they must have decided to see if they could frighten me into taking their quiz by posting these:

Forget the IQ question,.. how about a question of taste: “WHAT THE CRAP?”


I am that guy who, in the middle of a conversation, will pause to correct your grammar.  This is counteracted by the fact that anytime I tweet something grammatically incorrect or misspelled, I get called on it.. nonetheless, this nugget caught my eye and I now bring to you…

.. and also, lest it go uncelebrated, Fewer English.

Targeted ads are one thing, but ad placement is another.  There’s nothing quite as good as seeing an ad placed in just the right location.. somewhere in context.. somewhere on a page where it is relevant to the rest of that page’s content.. and so.. I leave you with this:


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  1. elaine

    i think the fact that the walmart in question was in “falmouth” makes it even more of a win.

  2. JLunsford

    Ha! That’s funny! Nice catch Elaine. Falmouth, Massachusetts. I’m sure it’s pronounced something like fall-muth, like Plymouth, yet I will forever refer to it as FoulMouth, Mass.

  3. That is pretty hilarious !

  4. Amy Kate

    Bwaahaa haa. how long have you been taking screen shots of the ads you see. very good.

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