CMYK: It’s Almost Here

The CMYK Project, which started with a letter I received in the mail, will come to completion this Spring. We’re still in process, but we’re almost finished.

The original 3 EPs, entitled C, M and Y, are available now and you can get one song from each of those EPs for FREE until…

…the full-length album, entitled K, is released. K is wrapped up, finished, mixed, mastered and ready to go… but we won’t set it free into the world until we’ve finished…

…the book, entitled “CMYK: The Process of Life Together.” Anchored by the series of letters I wrote to friends and loved ones, text-only editions of the CMYK book were handed to a small batch of Kickstarter supporters and will be publicly available once we’ve finished formatting…

…the full-collor edition of the book, featuring images from  (and interviews with) three visual artists who have made their own pieces in response to the music of C, M and Y.

3 EPs
A full-length album
A traditional, text-only book
A stunning, full-collor  edition of the book with lots of extras.

We’ve worked very hard on this.
We’re very proud of it.
It’s almost ready for the world.
And we think you’re gonna dig it.

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  1. Tony from Pandora

    I’m ashamed to say this, Justin… but I don’t have any of these projects. Do think there might be some packaged deals for buying the whole set at once? If not… I’ll happily buy each one separately (spouse permitting, of course) Just curious…

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