@Sea – Ep132 – Nicole Unice

March 2, 2023At Sea, Creativity, Sacred Strides

Hello, and welcome to the At Sea podcast. I’m your host, Justin McRoberts. This episode of the podcast takes us deeper into the ongoing conversation here at the At Sea podcast. At the intersection of psychotherapeutics and spiritual practice, this time with author, pastor, speaker leader, and coach Nicole Unice. I think you’ll pick up … Read More

@Sea – Ep130 – Stephen Roach

February 16, 2023At Sea, Creativity, Sacred Strides

I met Stephen Roach a number of years ago at an event he curates called the Breath and the Clay. It’s a conference, an Arts and Faith Conference in North Carolina. And I’d heard about the Breath in the Clay through artists who had participated in the conferences, as presenters. And then some folks who … Read More

@Sea – Ep129 – KJ Ramsey

February 9, 2023At Sea, Reflections, Sacred Strides

Welcome to the At Sea podcast. I’m your host, Justin McRoberts. The emphasis I’ve placed so far this season on the practice of poetry actually positions us to have some conversations well to continue some conversations that I care a whole lot about. Really specifically beginning with this episode of Focus, concentrated focus on the … Read More

@Sea – Ep127 – Gregory Orr

January 26, 2023At Sea, Podcast, Sacred Strides

I don’t remember the exact details surrounding my introduction to Gregory or his work. I do remember that upon my first reading, I was captured. In fact, one of my favorite live performance moments ever was sitting with my friend David dark, who’s also been a guest on this podcast several times, at a reading … Read More

@Sea – Ep126 – Poetry & Control

January 19, 2023At Sea, Podcast, Sacred Strides, Teaching

On most Sundays, I get the privilege of gathering in my house with a group of preteens and reading through bits of the scripture and talking about them. And then praying together, it’s a thing we call the good news Club, which borrows from a tradition we’ve gleaned from. One of my favorite parts of … Read More