Prayer – Forty Days of Practice
Authors: ,
Publisher: WaterBrook
Publication Year: 2019
Length: 103
ISBN: 069260992X

We believe we pray because we are human, not because we are religious. Religious tradition can and often does provide language, shape and space for prayer, but the primal instinct to pray does not emanate from or begin with religion. Instead, something in our nature points beyond itself; something in us searches for and appeals to The Divine. We wrote this book to help you find language, shape and space for the basic, human, spiritual and beautiful need to pray.

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About the Book

JUSTIN MCROBERTS is an author, songwriter, speaker and retreat leader. He lives in the East San Francisco Bay area with his wife and son.

SCOTT ERICKSON is an artist, designer, author, and performance storyteller. He lives in Portland Oregon with his wife and two children.


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