@Sea – Ep159 – Chapter 5 – Pacing Myself

December 28, 2023At Sea, Podcast, Sacred Strides

Welcome to the odd, like a spiral, like a downward spiral of information and conversation that has become this podcast because, in essence, I am the host, and I am hosting Dan Portnoy, who is playing host to me. Let’s start calling a media company, Meta. There are lots of triggers going off right now. … Read More

@Sea – Ep157 – Chapter 3 – Staying In My Lane

November 16, 2023At Sea, Podcast, Sacred Strides

Another episode with producer, Dan Portnoy, marching through the book Sacred Strides. We’re going to dive into Chapter 3 today – Staying In My Lane. This is a chapter about limitations – something we love to talk about. Let’s dig in. Links For Justin: Coaching with Justin Order Sacred Strides JustinMcRoberts.com Support this podcast NEW Single … Read More