Lenten Journey: The Gift Of Limitations

February 24, 2016Lent, Lenten Journey 2016, Prayer

“May my limitations be doorways to partnership and relationship rather than reasons to feel shame and isolation.” – From “Prayer: 40 Days of Practice” In the Prayer book, I reflect on a moment made possible by my own limitations… a moment when the generosity of a friend walked through the doorway of my inabilities and … Read More

Lenten Journey: Lord’s Prayer (Part 2)

February 22, 2016Lent, Lenten Journey 2016, Prayer

Last Monday, we took an overall look at the prayer Jesus taught his disciples. Let’s do that again… Our Father, who art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come Thy will be done
on earth as it is in heaven. Give us today our daily bread and forgive us our trespasses 
as we forgive … Read More

Lenten Journey: Courage To Join God…

February 19, 2016Lent, Lenten Journey 2016, Prayer

“May I have vision and courage to join God in the places He’s already working rather than feel responsible for bringing Him with me.” – From Prayer: 40 Days of Practice — One of my favorite stories about seeing God appears in the eighth chapter of Acts. The story features a man named Phillip, who … Read More

Lenten Journey: The Lord’s Prayer (Part 1)

February 15, 2016Lent, Lenten Journey 2016, Prayer

When Jesus’ disciples asked Jesus to teach them how to pray, Jesus gave them them what we now call “The Lord’s Prayer” or “The Our Father.” Throughout Lent, we’ll be taking a long look this gift Jesus offered. It has been an anchor for me in my process. Perhaps it can be the same for you.we’ll … Read More

Lenten Journey: “Love Stronger Than Fear”

February 12, 2016Lent, Lenten Journey 2016, Prayer

“May love be stronger in me than the fear of the pain that comes from caring.” – from “Prayer: 40 Days of Practice” Relationships very simply come with risk. Offering myself to another person means giving that person the opportunity to disappoint me, take advantage of me or hurt me. In that light, I am thankful … Read More

Lenten Journey: You’re Not Going To Get This Wrong

February 10, 2016Lent, News, Prayer

Halloween of 2014, my son was a superhero. He was four at the time and had picked out his own outfit, complete with a cape, striped socks and the letter “S” taped on his chest. The “S” stood for “Super Asa.” About an hour into the evening, he came to me downcast, saying that some … Read More

Lenten Journey Begins Wednesday

February 8, 2016Christianity, Lent, Prayer

Lent begins this Wednesday and I sincerely hope to have you on this Lenten Journey with me. If you or anyone you know would like to share in this, you can jump to this page, 

 click “Lent 2016” and “Submit.” FIRST THINGS FIRST: AN ASSUMPTION The introduction of “Prayer: 40 Days of Practice” reads, … Read More

Lenten Journey: Let’s Practice Lent Together

January 27, 2016Discipleship, Lent, Prayer

Lent begins in just two weeks and I’d love to journey through the season with you. Along with expanded content from the Prayer Book, I’ll be sharing practices, stories, insights, meditations, etc.. that are part of my Lenten journey and which I believe could be helpful in yours.   Some of that content will make … Read More

The Prayer Book

January 25, 2016Christianity, News, Prayer

I created this book, along with Scott Erickson, because we believe we pray because we are human, not because we are religious. Scott and I wanted to make something that helped provide language and imagery for the simple practice of connecting with God. This primal, human practice has become unnecessarily complicated by unhelpful expectations and bad culture. “Prayer: 40 Days … Read More

Prayer (part 4): When? Where? How Long?

October 29, 2015Discipleship, News, Prayer, Young Life

Originally posted at the Young Life Leader Blog, This is part of of a series written after my summer assignment as a speaker at Young Life Adventures. During that assignment, I was offered the gift of helping teenagers at the front end of their faith process work out language they found helpful. — When Should You Pray?  You … Read More