From Title Pending: “At a pivotal point in the writing of my first book, I spent some time at the Phillips Gallery in Washington DC. Along with many other great works, the Phillips Gallery hosts a col- lection of pieces by Mark Rothko, whose work I greatly admire. I stood in the Rothko room for what was probably fifteen minutes, though it felt like a week. I was entranced. And some- thing about that time shook loose parts of my writing process that had been stuck for weeks.

As much as I enjoy music, I have a tendency to think and talk shop about music—meaning, my love and appreciation often take a backseat to analysis and critique. But that’s harder to do when I’m looking at work I know I can’t make— work by artists like Rothko or Vonnegut. Because I cannot do what they do, I can simply take it in and enjoy it as a viewer and reader. I can be inspired.”

The work Dave Burke makes moves me in the same way. I am happy to introduce you to him, his work and his process.

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