Over the next few months, I’ll be posting short, video excerpts from Title Pending, the book I’ll release later this year. Title Pending is a look at my creative process and history. It will be available later this year.

The above video is a few paragraphs from the book. I hope you find these thoughts helpful in your own process.

I’ve also created a video series exclusively for folks on my email list, highlighting key moments in my creative process over the years. I’ll touch on every album I’ve made and if that interests you, be sure to subscribe to the email list.

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  • Great thoughts. I keep a file called “fan mail,” where I put things like this too. And just like you, I pull it out ever so often and thumb through it. Especially meaningful are cards or words of appreciation from people who are now in eternity…proof positive that our legacy of encouragement lives on after we’re gone.

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