I spend a lot of my time and energy actively imagining what the practice of faith looks like “tomorrow.” That is to say, I started creating and helping create religious culture over 25 years ago and I’m deeply invested in what the practice of faith will look like 25 years from now. 

I want to create (and help create) the kind of healthy religious culture those who come after me can find a home in and then use to expand and enrich “home” for others. There might not be a cultural good in my professional history as uniquely postured to fulfill that vision the way these prayer books do. 

I’m not just proud of the work Scott and I have done here, I believe in it. Primarily because I believe in the premise of the prayer book series; that what we’ve made isn’t “content;” that the real content is the extant and unremitting work of the Divine in, around and through you. 

A work that prayer can help you recognize, celebrate and joyfully join

A work that is for you so that you can be for others. 

A work you did not start and cannot finish, freeing you from the kind of worry that accompanies far too much religion. 

A work that lovingly remains present and active for the long seasons during which you and I forget and ignore it. 

A work to which I hope you say, like Mary, the mother of Christ: “Let it be with me just as you say.” (Luke 1:38)

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