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What I love most about Justin’s ministry is that he is passionate and genuine. You walk away being inspired and energized to love God and love others, but in a very authentic way. Students are not necessary challenged to “take up a cause” or change the world, they are invited to consider the Gospel of grace and transformation and then to ask how God might be stirring them to action.

Derek Melleby

Executive Director, OneLife Institute & author of Make College Count: A Faithful Guide to Life and Learning

In our postmodern world, artists and storytellers hold the keys to people’s hearts. And there’s no artist our congregation has been more blessed by than Justin McRoberts. He beautifully weaves together story and song in ways that shed light on the deep pain of the human experience as well as the healing hope we find in Jesus. We like to entrust our entire Sunday morning service to him. People, young and old and from every place on the spiritual journey, are always touched by his message.

Brad Wong

Brad Wong, Lead Pastor, The River Church Community, San Jose