Often enough, the topic of pain gets tied up into the same kind of conversations had about “evil.”  Spoken of as a “problem” or a thing to be avoided. A thing that diminishes the human experience and limits relationships. 

Oddly, pain, including physical pain, is perhaps the most common human experience. 
in the eternally wise words of REM’s Michael Stipe: “everybody hurts”

And there might not be anything quite as soul-binding as suffering together. 

Which is what makes the work Jennifer Ko does so beautiful, so good and so humanly true. 

Chronic pain and physical limitation take center stage in Jennifer’s story and her work. And rather than speaking in terms of “problems” and “ways to avoid,” Jennifer shares the reality of her pain as an experience and expression of her full humanity. 

I am regularly informed and inspired by who she is and how she shares herself. 

This is my conversation with Jennifer Ko. 

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