I met Stephen Roach a number of years ago at an event he curates called the Breath and the Clay. It’s a conference, an Arts and Faith Conference in North Carolina. And I’d heard about the Breath in the Clay through artists who had participated in the conferences, as presenters. And then some folks who had attended the thing. And, and all of them had something similar to say about it, that it was not just different, but different in this particular way, that they left with a sense of belonging in the world of the arts, that less, less than leaving just equipped as an artist to make their art, or less than just feeling inspired. More than that, they left feeling they had a place in the world of the arts. And that’s such a vital aspect, I would suggest great art, of great culture, and of life. Not just feeling equipped, internally, but feeling a sense of belonging in place in my world, and in my particular culture. We’ve become friends since then we chit chat off and on. And I’ve been looking forward to this interview for a long time, namely, because over the last 18 months or two years since the last breath in the clay event, Steven has spent a considerable amount of time investing in his own health and his own place in his own life and his own in his own culture, that he’s actually spent the time to attend to who he is, as he does what he does. That I think is the engine behind great art lives and great careers. So I was thrilled to do this conversation. I enjoyed it. 

I think you will too.

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