Welcome to the At Sea podcast. I’m your host, Justin McRoberts. One of the points of conversation we are returning to over and over during this series we’re doing at the intersection of mental health and spiritual practice has to do with the benefit or the problem of familiarity with mental health issues, mental health terminology, and with diagnostic tools. There’s a world of conversation now in public about what it means to be depressed, to have depression, to live with ADHD, and to have anxiety. Does the familiarity with and the public dialogue about these things actually benefit us? That was one of the reasons I was looking forward to talking to Dr. John Delony because so much of what he does, doesn’t just happen in books. He’s written a few books but actually happens in a public and public dialogue with people who bring him their life issues. And he brings to them a knowledge of brain chemistry and our knowledge of mental health patterns and practices in an attempt to not just meet the caller when they call in but also meet listeners. I have known Dr. John Delony since long before he was a doctor. He’s become a good friend of mine. We share a passion for a lot of things in common, but more so than anything else. We really like people, and we love the opportunity to do what we can to care for those who make themselves available to us. I think you’ll enjoy this conversation. I certainly did. Check it out.

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