Welcome to the At Sea podcast. I’m your host, Justin McRoberts. I met Jess Ray a number of years ago at a conference where she was helping to lead songs and realize there was some of her music that I had heard before. Maybe you had that experience where you’re paying attention to someone or something, you hear something and you realize, like, oh my gosh, this is already in my system. I’m already a fan of this. Well, having already been a fan of her music, just by nature of the songs themselves, then watching her engage with people. In the art of song leading, I was locked in as a lifetime fan. I really like what Jess Ray does musically. I also really liked the way she goes about doing it. When I return to this theme over and over that art is anything we create that forges a connection between people. I think about people like Jess Ray, who really is actually about that connection, who pays attention to the connection, who senses that connection in herself. You’ll hear that in the conversation. And I think you’ll feel that in the worksheet as if you’re not already familiar with it. So check out this conversation. I think you’ll dig it.

Check it out.

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