We are doing a series in and by which we’re digging back into and through the book Sacred Strides – chapter by chapter talking about the dominant themes in the book or extras on top of the book what you know what it looks like to apply some of the things that I get to in the book. Dan, who’s been a friend for a long time and has produced this podcast from its beginning, has a really unique perspective on my work and on me as a worker. And so it’s fun to talk about my stuff and have Dan poke around a little bit at, “Hey, what’s behind this or underneath this? What’s after this?” And so we’ve enjoyed doing this podcast series up to this point and we expect to continue to, and we think you are as well, judging by the numbers, the metrics. So this is chapter two of the book Sacred Strides, and will you please welcome Dan Portnoy to the microphone? Let’s dig in.

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