The @ Sea podcast started out to be (and I hope continues to be) a helpful and hopeful guide through sometimes murky or turbulent cultural waters. Some of what that looks like is talking to people I don’t align with politically, ideologically, culturally,…

Not because it’s enough to simply “celebrate diversity” but because the discipline and practice of listening is the key to moving beyond division to understanding and then towards care. One of the reasons I gravitate towards podcasts is for this very reason.

My guest on this episode is Nick Laparra, whose “Let’s Give A Damn” podcast is among my favorites. Not only because of the variety of his guests but I like the way he approaches his work.

Nick is always prepared. He’s also legitimately thoughtful (without being “heady”) and curious (without being invasive).

I think that makes for great listening.

This is my conversation with Nick Laparra

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