My guest on Episode 10 of the @ Sea Podcast is author David Dark.  I call him an “author,” perhaps because that’s what he may be best known for. But David is also a professor at Bellmont University in Tennessee, a huge music nerd, a collector of insights and wisdom and a kind of translator between the world as it is and the world we might expect/want it to be. Rather than living in or pointing to the clouds with visions of things as they ought to be, David, in just about all areas of his work, bends low to the ground, picking up clues busier minds (like mine) would otherwise have missed; clues that lead to the hope and expectation that this, in fact, a good world, pregnant with meaning and potential.

In fact, asking David to lead off this Second season of the podcast felt really appropriate because he lives out so well what I seek to achieve with this podcast: to reframe the way we see ourselves, our neighbors and God (and maybe more appropriately) to break the frame and allow/invite a more broadly receptive and joyful human experience.

The @ Sea podcast puts you in touch with great culture makers, because I believe what they do helps to deepen and enrich our lives. As we venture into the second season of the @ Sea podcast, join me in letting David Dark set the tone for our journey and our process.

Music for this episode is provided by the wonderful Sarah Dark, who works under the musical moniker Sara Masen.

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