Levi Macallister and I share in a sad and strange fraternity of sorts – sons who have lost their fathers tragically. We also share in the way we went about processing that particular trauma.

Which is, to move toward music and poetry. It’s not just us, it’s the way a lot of us process trauma. Process things we’re not sure how to get our head around. It’s actually the gift of music, the gift of poetry. The gift of a lot of great art is that it actually forms in us the possibilities, the potential to name with new names, things we could not otherwise have named.   

I’ve really enjoyed watching him do what he does. Not just in relationship to his trauma but in relationship to the culture around him, in relationship to his marriage, and his religion. 

I really enjoyed this conversion with Levi the Poet, and I expect you will as well. 

Check it out.  

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