Lenten Journey: Maturity And Disappointment

March 18, 2016Lent, Lenten Journey 2016, Prayer

“May my disappointments in myself and others lead me to hope for and work for change rather than lead me to distance myself.” – From “Prayer: 40 Days of Practice”  — In his novelized biography of Vincent Van Gogh, Irving Stone’s dramatizes a poignant and insightful conversation between Vincent and his brother, Theo. If you … Read More

Lenten Journey: Let’s Practice Lent Together

January 27, 2016Discipleship, Lent, Prayer

Lent begins in just two weeks and I’d love to journey through the season with you. Along with expanded content from the Prayer Book, I’ll be sharing practices, stories, insights, meditations, etc.. that are part of my Lenten journey and which I believe could be helpful in yours.   Some of that content will make … Read More

The Prayer Book

January 25, 2016Christianity, News, Prayer

I created this book, along with Scott Erickson, because we believe we pray because we are human, not because we are religious. Scott and I wanted to make something that helped provide language and imagery for the simple practice of connecting with God. This primal, human practice has become unnecessarily complicated by unhelpful expectations and bad culture. “Prayer: 40 Days … Read More