“Thank you,” at its root, isn’t just the acknowledgment of a goods/services exchange; it is the recognition that there is a person on the the other side of that exchange. The word “thank” shares a Latin root with the word “think.” That makes the phrase “Thank you” actually mean something more like “I think of you” or “I will think of you.”

If you are well at all today, it is because you’ve been cared for. That care is (and always has been) a matter of human will and effort.

May your thanks, today and always, not be limited to a faceless, cosmic sense of gratitude. Instead, may you find yourself awoken to the good gifts of those whose better wills and kindnesses made way for you up till now.
And if, by some grace, you get to share food or time or air or space with such people today, let them know you see them and that, so long as you live well and healthily, you’ll think of them.

–Photo by Tatiana Rodriguez on Unsplash