I’m not someone who worries about my age. I worry more about the Raiders and A’s than I do how old I am. That said, I have spent the past three months on Sabbatical, looking backward at the first forty years of my life and wondering/dreaming about what’s next.

Author Richard Rohr, in his book Falling Upward, suggests that the questions we ask during the first half of life are designed to build a sense of personal identity. Identity is the central, driving question of the first half of life. Whereas, during the second half, our focus turns to “What do I do with who I am?” Legacy is the central, driving question of the second half of life. I’ve spent the past three months (Oct-Dec) on Sabbatical, noting that the questions I’m asking (and need to ask) are turning from “identity” questions to ones about “legacy.”

Hence, the title of my next collection of songs is “Everything Has Changed.” I plan to have the collection out later this year – most likely late Spring or early Summer.

Meanwhile, my book Title Pending is an intentionally legacy-minded work. I wrote it for you because I think what you make in this world is important. I hope that part of my legacy is inspiring you to add beauty, truth and goodness to your world.

Looking forward, I don’t expect to change what I do. Instead, the posture I take as I write and speak and sing and advocate will change; I am less concerned with discovering who I am in my world and keenly concerned with what I am building, making and leaving here.

So today, on my 41st birthday, I am thankful to you for being such an integral part of my life and work; for being part of my process and for sharing what I make with your world. I am eager to share what’s next with you.


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