Who Needs Another Book About Creativity?

August 5, 2014Creativity, Title Pending

Later this year, I’ll be releasing a short book I’m calling “Title Pending: Things I Think About When I Make Stuff.” Between now and then, I’m posting previews of the book here at this blog and elsewhere, like the Art House America blog or On Pop Theology.  Below is another such preview. I’d love to hear … Read More

Lessons From The Leaf (part 3): Moving Mountains, Moving Lakes

June 25, 2014Reflections

I am spending the month of June mentoring college students and playing music at Young Life’s Woodleaf. This property has played a key role in my life’s process. I was baptized here in December of 1993, been here just about once a year since 1987 and worked every job a volunteer can do here. This is the last in … Read More