@Sea – Ep101 – Staci Frenes

March 3, 2022At Sea, Christianity, Church, Deconstruction, Podcast

During my time as a pastor in the Evangelical Covenant Church, I was in an ongoing conversation about the relationship between LGBTQ folks and local churches. And over the years, regardless of all the different kinds of settings in which that conversation was happening, it kept bringing me back to this very particular biblical imagery.  … Read More

@Sea – Ep100- EPISODE 100

February 24, 2022At Sea

Hello, and welcome to episode 100 of the @Sea podcast.  We launched this thing on April 30th, 2016. And 100 episodes later, here we are. I want to pause right here at Episode 100; you do a couple of things, two things very specifically. The first one is simply to say thank you, thank you … Read More

@Sea – Ep99 – Enneagram and Being Named

February 17, 2022At Sea, It Is What You Make of It

A few years ago, I was invited to participate in this event. I don’t remember what the event was, as a speaker, I was there to story tell, tell some stories and teach. And when the organizer introduced me, he said singer, songwriter, musician, Justin McRoberts. And I remember like, I wasn’t mad, but I … Read More

@Sea – Ep96 – Staying Power

January 13, 2022At Sea, It Is What You Make of It, News, Podcast

Sometimes what looks like compromise is not compromise at all. Sometimes it’s the hard choice to be a constant and a light in a shady and unstable environment.  And sometimes it means being the one willing to be humbled and be wrong and change and grow in a stuck and calcified culture.  I remember, after … Read More

@Sea – Ep95 – Mike Donehey

January 6, 2022At Sea, Podcast

Just as there are artists who work at the edges of a culture, pushing boundaries and breaking rules that need breaking, there are also artists doing essential work closer to the heart or center of their chosen culture.  For two decades, Mike Donehey has taken the sacred trust of folks at the heart of his … Read More