@Sea – Ep96 – Staying Power

January 13, 2022At Sea, It Is What You Make of It, News, Podcast

Sometimes what looks like compromise is not compromise at all. Sometimes it’s the hard choice to be a constant and a light in a shady and unstable environment.  And sometimes it means being the one willing to be humbled and be wrong and change and grow in a stuck and calcified culture.  I remember, after … Read More

@Sea – Ep94 – Mary’s Yes

December 23, 2021News

In fact, according to the timeline in those same scriptures, the next time there is anything of significance to be made of th Because I came into the practice of faith through a distinctly protestant doorway, I didn’t know, early on, what to make of the Catholic of veneration or even emphasis on Mary, the … Read More

@Sea – Ep93 – Aundi Kolber

December 16, 2021News

In recent years, I have noticed a kind of uptick in conversations and the pace of conversations and the intensity of conversations about mental health come the holidays. Some of that has to do with maybe the shorter days, some of that has to do with being around people who might be triggering, or just … Read More

@Sea – Ep92 – Advent, Waiting, & the Long Arc of Justice

December 9, 2021News

Near the heart of the Christmas / Advent Story is the expectation that God is going to offer a gift. The head-fake in this Bible story is that, when those waiting come upon and/or are given that gift, it’s just a baby. And I know folks have surrounded Jesus’ birth with all kinds of magic … Read More

@Sea – Ep91 – Dominique Dubois Gillard

December 2, 2021News

During the first season of the podcast, I got to talk with Dominique Dubois Gillard about his book “Rethinking Incarceration.” One of the things we talked about was the difficulty and opportunity to steer the ship, even slightly, in institutional spaces already (and often blindly) dominated by whiteness and privilege.  His most recent book dives … Read More

@Sea – Ep90 – Stay in Your Lane / Know Your Power

November 19, 2021News

This will take on a bit of a confessional tone.  A few years ago, Dr. Christena Cleveland talked on my podcast about the need for black leaders to steer away from trying to influence white spaces so often. The effort, she clarified, to change white minds about whiteness, should be executed by white hands. Not … Read More

@Sea – Ep74 – Simone Biles, Athletics and Whole Health

July 29, 2021At Sea, Creativity, It Is What You Make of It, News, Podcast, Reflections

Stephen Pressfield calls it “Resistance.”  A number of religious traditions call it “sin.”  But regardless of the name folks apply to it, it seems to me that we generally share, cross-culturally and throughout history, a sense and a lament that things don’t work out perfectly; that things fall apart and that plans don’t always go … Read More