@Sea – Ep126 – Poetry & Control

January 19, 2023At Sea, Podcast, Sacred Strides, Teaching

On most Sundays, I get the privilege of gathering in my house with a group of preteens and reading through bits of the scripture and talking about them. And then praying together, it’s a thing we call the good news Club, which borrows from a tradition we’ve gleaned from. One of my favorite parts of … Read More

@Sea – Ep115 – Changing The Narrative About Church Attendance

August 19, 2022At Sea, Church, Deconstruction, It Is What You Make of It, Podcast, Sunday Reflections

So I’ve been really enjoying this new feature of the podcast, taking a question from my Monday q&a sessions at Instagram, and digging just a tad deeper into one of those questions, specifically, those questions when you seem to resonate with those questions and my response. This past week, I got a question that I’ve … Read More