My religious tradition uses the word “evil” or “darkness.” Steven Pressfield calls it “Resistance.” And while there are volumes written about it, the one thing I’ve come to know/believe about evil/darkness/Resistance is that it plays the long game. More than anything else, darkness or evil counts on you and I quitting at some point.

So don’t.

Getting back up is one thing you and I have real control over when it comes to resisting, combatting, denying and defying bad culture or wrongdoing in our neighborhood, our neighbor or even in ourselves.

– We get knocked down because we take our eyes off people and make “The Movement” about ideas. But we can get back up and remember the ones we’re building/fighting with and for.

– We get knocked down because we don’t take care of our own souls in the process of making better culture. But we can get back up and remember that healthy people make healthy work.

– We get knocked down because we’re legitimately facing something bigger and stronger than we are. But we can get back up and remember to lean on the strength of others near us.


That’s fine.
That’s human.
That’s to be expected.
What is also expected is that you’ll quit.
So don’t.
Because what’s not expected is that you’ll get back up
over and over again until it becomes clear that you will not be deterred.
And maybe,
just maybe,
you’ll outlast the thing you’re up against.