In 1997, I moved in to a house with a man named Frank Tate. You may recognize his name as belonging to the man who founded and ran 5 Minute Walk records (FIF, The W’s, Dimestore Prophets, Black Eyed Sceva, Model Engine etc…). I lived with Frank for roughly eighteen months and, during that time, two significant things happened:

1. I, along with some overanxious and Craigslist-unaware friends, accidentally sold his armoire.

2. With Frank’s guidance, I began a career in the arts.

Similarly, two significant things have happened since 2002 when Frank left his position as founder / president of 5MW Records and I broke out independently:

1. He and I have become good friends.

2. Frank started a pizza joint.

On July 10th, all of that history collides in one of the fullest full-circle moments in the history of both fullness and circles. Next Friday, at Super Frank’s (the name of Frank’s pizza place) I will play songs and tell stories from over the past 16 years; a stretch of time that would not have been possible without Frank Tate and 5MW records.

If you live on the West Coast, join me for this evening. It will be a kick in the pants to be certain.

There are places we get to in life that we only get to if we travel together; if we give to and receive from one another in equal parts humility and generosity. I don’t get a career in the arts without Frank and I simply have to believe that the sheer volume of pizza boxes my roommates and I left on the dining room counter factored in the development of Frank’s restaurant vision.

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