Lent begins this Wednesday and I sincerely hope to have you on this Lenten Journey with me. If you or anyone you know would like to share in this, you can jump to this page, 

 click “Lent 2016” and “Submit.”

The introduction of “Prayer: 40 Days of Practice” reads, “I believe that I pray because I am human, not because I am religious.” That’s another way of saying that God is active and alive in you and all I anyone else can really do is help that process along. I don’t get to spark anything in you or make anything happen for you. What I get to do is provide language for your practice of faith. The process is God’s… and it is already in motion.

1. Contemplation: I will provide some language or imagery for contemplation, which I hope is helpful to you as you excavate the good work already being done in you. We will practice prayers, meditations and reflections from the book “Prayer: 40 Days of Practice,” as well as several pieces that are connected to that work. I will also be taking a long look at the prayer Jesus taught his disciples, which many call either “The Lord’s Prayer” or “The Our Father.”

2. Instruction: Occasionally, I will share a few stories about my personal journey which I think you may resonate with and from which you can glean some wisdom for yourself and those you love.

3. Cats! The rest of it will be pictures of cats!… ok… no cats. I am inviting you into an aspect of Lenten practice more awesome than even cat memes.

3. Real-World Impact: Let’s help provide clean water for 3750 moms, dads and kids! I’ll be drinking water-only and donating the money I’d have otherwise spent on coffee, beer, juice etc… to the Blood:Water Mission. You don’t have to skip every drink. Maybe you just skip one a day. But, however you participate, let’s gather together the collective fruits of our sacrifices and change the lives of sisters and brothers living without clean water. Join my team here.

I love that you’ve joined hundreds of other sisters and brothers on this Lenten Journey. Taking full advantage of our common practice, I am inviting you to share a thought or inspiration from your own practice along the way. As Lent progresses, I’ll encourage you to post a short reflection of your own in text or in video form. Tag me in your post so I can share your insights with others. I fully expect the things God does in you to have significance for others.

Thanks for being in this!