“May love be stronger in me than the fear of the pain that comes from caring.” – from “Prayer: 40 Days of Practice

Relationships very simply come with risk. Offering myself to another person means giving that person the opportunity to disappoint me, take advantage of me or hurt me. In that light, I am thankful that the Cross is the primary symbol of God’s relationship with humanity. We are constantly reminded that God’s relationship with us comes at a cost… and that the price paid is paid joyfully.

Have you been injured by someone you were trying to care for? Does that past injury keep you from generously giving your time and energy? I believe the strength to give myself away when I know I may be hurt is a Divine gift. Let’s ask for that gift today.

If Lent is a season to let go of things in order to make room for other things, let’s ask for the strength to let go of the fear that we may be inured, making room for the kind of love that heals injury.