On April 10, my wife gave birth to Katelyn Quinn River McRoberts. She’s a joy!

Since we returned home from the hospital, several loving and considerate family members have swing by in the evenings to deliver dinner! We have felt so loved and cared for by these sisters and brothers. That’s what food is perhaps better for than nursing a body… a meal can (and normally does) provide a sense of emotional/spiritual connection and belonging. Author Seth Godin suggests that Art is anything we create that facilitates a connection between humans. Come to think of it… does ANYTHING do that better than a great meal!?  

The reality is that there are moms and dads doing that very thing for their kids every day. There are neighbors doing that for the new folks next door. There are roommates doing that for one another. I think making those meals provides a sense of place and connection that just about nothing can. And yet, I’ve often had conversations with folks (particularly moms) who lack the time they’d want to commit to some “artistic” endeavor or another (paint, book, etc…) because they’re running a household; because they’re curating a space in which other human lives can more fully flourish.

Which is to say…

These moms don’t have extra time for that project because they’re regularly accomplishing something most artists only wish their work could accomplish: providing a sense of place and connection and health for other lives! 

What you make matters. No matter what it is.

Later this month, I’m unlocking an online course designed to help you discover your creative process. I want to help you make the best work you can. I also want to help you see that what you’re making is vital, sacred, essential work (even and especially if it’s a meal)! I also want to help you make time for that side project.

How’s that sound?

More soon,