Sure, CNN, MSNBC and FOX have their agendas. But to simply say “I don’t believe a word of it” is just lazy.

Every bit of information I’ll ever receive is coming at me from an angle.

This is why Nietzsche wrote “there is no truth, only interpretation.” I think that’s largely true (see what I did there?)

The work isn’t “finding a pure source.” that’s a fool’s errand. I believe the work begins with recognizing my own filters and angles, continues as I commit to understanding the filters/angles of others and culminates in me wisely, diligently, parsing what truth I can from the tangled mess I’ve contributed to.

And what’s the point anyway? Why do I want to be “informed?”  If I’m honest, my lesser self is driven to support my preexisting notions of reality. But as I’ve grown older, I’m realizing that the better part of me simply wants to love well. And I cannot love well a world I don’t know… with all its angles and filters and lies and agendas.

That is, after all, how I have been loved.

So, I’ll open my ears and know that what reaches them is often coming in sideways… and that I’m likely flying a bit sideways myself. And I’ll commit to doing the work of loving my world, even as I learn to interpret it.