My guest on episode 8 is author and journalist Katelyn Beaty.

Christianity Today made Katelyn the first female managing editor in the magazine’s 60-year history. She also happened to be the youngest managing editor during that same time span.  Earlier this year, she released her first book, Entitled “A Woman’s Place: A Christian Vision for your Calling in The Office, The Home and the World.” Most of our conversation focused on that book, which I found to be not only insightful but timely.

This podcast puts you touch with great culture makers because I believe what they do deepens and enriches out lives, What strikes me most about Katelyn is the way she handles somewhat onerous and technically nuanced cultural ideas by keeping those ideas in close proximity to a human narrative, … very often her own. If authority is best used, as we discuss in our conversation, to create room for others, Katelyn exemplifies that practice, by letting her story provide room for people like you and me to more fully identify ourselves and flourish as human.

One note before you dig in: In order to give the conversation more space, we’ve excluded the interludes you may have come to expect during previous episodes. I’d love to know what you think of the longer, more seamless conversation format.

check it out.