Had a really enlightening conversation with a new friend the other night.

He leaned across the table, shouting over the sound of the music and the conversations at adjacent tables, “My mom wanted me to go to Bible school.”

I leaned in. “Why didn’t you?”

“It didn’t feel right. I love numbers. I mean, I like people, too. But I was really good at math and fascinated by finance. So, I went into real estate. Now I get to help people make one of the biggest decisions they’ll ever make.”

He paused and looked down at the table. “I dunno, man. I just hope it counts for something. I mean,.. what do you think? Do you think it counts?”


Yes, I think that “counts.”

I think the work that brother is doing is art. I think he’s finding ways to make dreams happen. I think he’s making a better real-estate culture.


I think a religious culture that suggests he’d be better off in a pulpit lacks redemptive and prophetic imagination.

I want to help make create culture that tells a different story. One in which you not only feel free to do what is in your heart to do, but one in which you are challenged to recognize your passion and gifting as the seed of God’s Kingdom in you.

In the coming weeks, I’ll take my boldest step in that direction when I unlock an online course designed to help you discover your creative process and make the work you’re desired to create.

More soon,