The ethos and heart of my next book is that just about nothing “is what it is.” Instead, as the title of the book would have it, It Is What You Make Of It.

I realize that shifting from “it is what it is” to “it is what you make of it” is a long process and can be a bit daunting.  More so when the “is” we have to work with,  our circumstances and opportunities is really sideways.

When things go wrong or the unexpected takes over, it can feel like the most natural thing to do is  to navigate to, grab hold of, and cling to something  “solid” or “sure.”

What if, on the other hand, and on occasion, I read a lack of “solid ground” or the absence of a “sure thing” as an invitation into adventure?

That’s what I find inspiring and formative in Laura Joyce Davis. That, while I don’t blame a soul for looking to “sure things” and more “solid ground” during the COVID era,  she and her family took it as an opportunity to dive headlong into the unknown and see what they could make of the pieces they found there.

She is a writer and the host of the “Shelter In Place” podcast. She is also my guest on this episode of the @ Sea Podcast.

Check it out.

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