I ask just about all my guests about life online. I’m of the opinion that “real” life happens there and I’m increasingly interested in the way it does; particularly when that happening takes on labels like “religion” or “faith” or “spirituality.” I think a fair amount of personal formation takes place online and I’m intrigued (art least) by the people who take that formation seriously as well as take some degree of responsibility for it.

My guest in this episode is Kevin Garcia, who has called himself a “digital pastor.” And while I know there are a number of folks who might balk at that term out of wonder or even concern, I’m pretty sure there’s a lot to it.

There’s certainly a lot to Kevin, who works with (and pastors) people at the intersection of faith, sexuality, and touch of psychotherapy. In that work, Kevin converses with, teaches, and digitally pastors people who often lack access to invested leadership and spiritual care.

This is my conversation with Kevin Garcia.

Check it out.

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