One of the surprising benefits changes fruits in me, that have come from partnering with folks who work in the anti trafficking world has been a different understanding and a deeper understanding what it means to live in the body, or in a body. For instance, partnering with Amy Lynch here in the San Francisco Bay Area, who through her organization helps to create pathways to healing for girls who’ve been rescued out of trafficking. 

One of the things she said during our conversations was that there are things that happen in the human body joys and traumas that can’t be thought through. They can’t be reasoned through, they can really only be worked out bodily. Which brings me to the subject of dance. I got the gift and privilege of seeing Camille Sutton, choreograph and dance at The Breath in the Clay a couple years ago. And I was moved not just by her performance and by her choreography, but by the way, the room was simply arrested, captured and challenged to pay attention in a way that music, movies or any other medium or type of art just doesn’t quite get to. I had the pleasure of recently talking with Camille about her work, her history, her philosophy and her hope for what dance can and should do in our culture religiously and otherwise. 

Check it out.

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