Welcome to the At Sea podcast. I’m your host, Justin McRoberts. Molly Lacroix is my guest on this episode. And as a marriage and family therapist, she engages in the kind of art I find inspiring, incredibly rare, and necessary. She takes what would otherwise be, perhaps even frustratingly, wildly difficult concepts, things out of the reach of the average person’s daily knowledge, and then boils those down and communicates those in such a way that folks like me can get handles on those ideas, but does so in a way that doesn’t, I don’t know, demean me, or, just as importantly, doesn’t do so in a way that diminishes the depth, richness, and complexity of the traditions and the systems she’s referencing. Working at the intersection of spirituality and interpersonal relationships. As a family therapist, she’s trained explicitly in internal family systems, which is a model of understanding human interaction, our engagement with the world, our relationships, and the systems we function in. I find it deeply freeing, and it has been really helpful for my practice and the lives of many people I care about. This was a fascinating and wonderful conversation. I think you’ll benefit from it.

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