If you are around or in conversations about mental health for much time at all, you probably hear the word trauma used relatively often. And if you are in or around conversations at the intersection of mental health and religious life, you’ll probably hear the phrase church trauma, or religious trauma used, at least as regularly. Those conversations can be really tricky, can be really difficult, and also can be really necessary. Some of the most helpful voices in those conversations, at least that I’ve come across, aren’t even necessarily folks trained as therapists or even working as pastors. Some of the most helpful folks in conversations about church trauma are those who have experienced it, have done the work in their own hearts, minds, and communities, and then are speaking back into some of those spaces, not even just correctively. But both correctively and compassionately, a lot of what I’ve enjoyed and benefited from with regards to Janai Auman’s work is that posture that she’s remarkably articulate, and she is abundantly clear about the places lines have been crossed about the abuse of power in church leadership. She is also speaking from a place of hope. I really enjoyed this conversation with her, and I think you will as well.

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