I talk a lot about seasons, seasons of life, seasons of ministry seasons of work. I love the concept. I love the idea. I love the notion that for long stretches of time, somewhat indeterminate stretches of time, certain things are true certain things work. I like that there isn’t a stringent timeline; when we talk about seasons, we can be in a really long season, or we can be in a really short season. One of the reasons we talk about seasons when they come up is because of transition. Not that we don’t enjoy the seasons we’re in. But normally, when we have a conversation about seasons of life, it’s because we’re moving from one season to another or we’re sensing the end of a season and the beginning of a new one. And I used to think that the energy, the internal energy I needed to actually move me from one season to the next, was about competence and satisfaction that I was satisfied with the work I had done in the previous season. And, or I was confident about what was going to happen in the next season. And this is important because, as you know, we can be in that seasonal transitional moment and not be ready; I can come to the end of the season and not be ready to move on from that season. Or I can be moving into another season and not be or feel ready to start it. I used to think that was always because I was either not done with or not satisfied with the work I’d done in the previous season or not ready for and confident in the work I was already doing to do in the next. I’ve come to recognize that’s actually not true. Because I care about the things I do, I’m pretty much never fully satisfied with the work that I’ve done; I can look back over the seasons in my past and rethink everything I can rethink top to bottom, and woulda, coulda, shoulda, a, I could have put the cherry on top. And this way, I kind of wish I’d have had this conversation differently; I should have added this element to this project; I can rethink and reinvent, in retrospect, for hours and hours on end every day. Because I care about what I do.

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