I was setting up to interview an upcoming guest when she told me “I’m sorry I’ll have to be pretty strict with the hour and leave right away. I’m seeing my therapist right after this.” 

“Absolutely,” I told her.  “We’ll probably talk for 45 min.”
“Great. I’m really looking forward to this session with her.” 

Now, it’s not just of note that this guest was looking forward to her therapy session; but also of note that this guest is a Spiritual Director. 

Therapy is not for “weak” people. 

Therapy is for people 

Who wants to live into their strengths. 

Therapy is not for “broken” people 

Therapy is for people who want to want to live healed and whole. 

Therapy is not for “sick” people 

Therapy is for people who value their health. 

Part of what I think you’ll hear in my conversation with KJ Ramsey is that posture towards therapy and what is now often called “self-care.”  The practice and belief that confessing and facing my shortcomings is an expression of health and strength. 

Check it out. 

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