A few nights ago, I took my newborn daughter, who was crying, into the small office space where I do most of my work, including recording and editing this podcast. I deftly navigated my laptop while holding her in the other arm… and started playing through some of my favorite songs.

We listened to…

Sigur Ros
Jonsi and Alex
Josh Ritter
Kendrick Lamar
and some older stuff from Tribe Called Quest.

I could feel her breathing change with the music. She was captured, are are most people, by this incredible gift we’ve been given. She’’s only 12 days old at the time of this recording and won’t remember this moment… but put my face close to hers and whispered “This is music. It might be the best thing we’ve done as humans.”

There’s something physical, emotional as well as spiritual about the human connection to song. My guest on this episode is Ryan O’Neil whose work bears the name “Sleeping At Last.” Ryan is an artist who is keenly and intentionally aware of that unique connection between listeners and the music they love. Truth is, not all artists share that awareness. I think you’ll enjoy hearing about his process, his vocational journey and the way he considers those for whom he’s making music.

Check it out