My guest on this episode is Mark Labberton. Mark is the author of three deeply insightful books and is most likely better known as the President of Fuller Theological Seminary.

Mark’s work and friendship have often been, for me, a lifeline to hope when it comes to the communal, institutional practice of faith.

When it comes to a particular group of human beings, practicing religious faith together, and the economic, political, vocational, racial soup that often is, there’s nothing I’ve seen that he hasn’t seen, nothing I know that he doesn’t know. And he not only continues to hope for, but joyfully work towards the enrichment, growth and flourishing of The Church in its many forms, including its more traditional manifestations.

This podcast seeks to highlight great culture makers because what they do deepens and enriches our lives.  My conversation with Mark Labberton ranges from excavating key words in western religious culture to early musical loves and first purchases to what it looks like to faithfully engage in political conversation.

Check it out.