The @ Sea Podcast #2, featuring songwriter/producer busbee, is at iTunes now. 

Mike Busbee (busbee) is a songwriter and producer working in Los Angeles and Nashville. If you’ve listened to pop music at all in the past few years, it’s very likely you’ve heard and enjoyed busbee’s work, as performed by Pink, Rascal Flats, Kelly Clarkson, Garth Brooks, The Fray, Lady Antebellum, Timbaland and many more. At the time of this post, two of the top 5 songs on the iTunes charts are busbee songs – Keith Urban’s “The Fighter” and “H.O.L.Y.” by Florida Georgia Line.

Along with being a very talented writer, he’s a deeply thoughtful person. Busbee and I get into the nature and importance of pop music, the uniqueness of working in Los Angeles (as opposed to Bakersfield, CA) and the cultural dichotomy of filling a $500 cooler with cheap beer. Check it out.

If, for any reason, the iTunes link gives you trouble, you can hear the podcast at Soundcloud (below) and at Stitcher.