I first met Christena Cleveland across the street from a conference where, later that day, she would speak on issues of race and the long road towards unity among Christians. Her presentation was 3 minutes long.

What I left that conference with was’t just what I heard Dr. Cleveland present in her few minutes.. but I left eyes somewhat newly opened to a system/culture that was comfortable nodding towards that which was non-white or non-male, but far less interested in fully investing. I also left with an awareness of my complicity. 

Since then, I’ve paid attention to Dr. Clevelands work as an author, blogger speaker and culture creator. I’ve looked forward to this interview for quite a while..

Which brings me to this somewhat unfortunate and somewhat comical production note: 

My 2 year old has developed an interest in all my electronics and had her way with the input controls just a few moments before I go Dr. Cleveland on the line. You’ll year my voice peak off and on throughout the conversation. 

That said.. Dr. Clevelands voice is clear as day and full of wisdom for this moment. 

Check it out. 

Music for this episode is by Podington Bear.