I don’t think you and I create because one of us is eventually going to make the piece that satiates the primal, human hunger all other art pieces had previously failed to satiate; Or because one of us is going to write the song that renders all other songwriting unnecessary for the remainder of history. I believe we create because doing so is a key part of who we are (individually, culturally and historically) – that creativity is a matter of human identity.

Furthermore, while we may be born at a particular time and place, to this or that set of parents and socioeconomic circumstances, we will ultimately be remembered by what we make from what we are given. Just as a mother offers her child a gift in the life she’s made for them, the gift an artist passes on to his world is particular in its expression while being universal in its essence. You have your work to make in this world and I have mine.

(This is a short excerpt from my book Title Pending. I’m currently writing a followup book. Add yourself to my email list to find out more).